Clifford's Tower Judicial Review

On 27th October 2016, English Heritage was given planning permission by City of YorkCouncil to carry out an enormous amount of 'modernisation' to York's Clifford's Tower and the ancient motte.

We would all agree that income needs to be generated in order to maintain and preserve the 750 year old stone monument, but thousands of York residents are outraged that planning permission was granted for the 'Visitor Centre', souvenir shop, toilets and coffee kiosk, to be sited within the base of the motte itself, instead of on the 'car park' space adjacent. Some also object strongly to the planned new metal steps, and internal works consisting of glass and metal walkways. A petition was circulated on line, collecting approx 3800 signatures in a 5 weeks. I presented this to the full council meeting in December and Rachael Maskell MP also presented it to the English Heritage HQ in London.

Just before Christmas, after being contacted by several experts, I decided to take legal action, 3 days before the deadline for a Judicial Review for a scheduled monument. I put down the initial fee to start the procedure. We recently heard that our case had been granted permission to go to the next stage and the trial is scheduled for early May.

However, expert legal services do not come cheep and so I decided to Crowdfund for the legal fees. If you would like to support this campaign your contribution would be very much appreciated. can contribute to, please click here for more information, Thank you !

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